Victoria Pawn And Jewelry

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Victoria Pawn And Jewelry

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❥ Pure Silver collection, made of 92.5 silver and 22k gold-plated. All gemstones and beads used in gold and diamond ornaments are of good quality.

❥❥❥ For all made-to-order collections, the delivery time is 6-8 weeks (minimum time required to ship an order, but this time may vary depending on the situation, if there is a change, we will notify you in advance) from the time of order agreement.

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❥❥❥ For all our Pure silver collection, the price of the product may change depending on the day of the order; in the event of any changes in this regard, we will notify you of the price difference (if e +/-); Quoted prices are basic base prices calculated on the basis of historical price movements on the money market.

❥ As this is handmade, slight variations may occur and is acceptable in the nature of handmade products as it depends on the transformation of the artist’s hand;

❥ The polish will stay as it was for years with a little care (see Jewelry Care Instructions).

※ The estimated delivery time is the estimated delivery time when the product can be shipped; However, certain changes may occur in case of unavoidable circumstances during the shipping process (normal delay in India or foreign countries). We can help by monitoring and periodically updating the status.

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※ When opening the package, we need a video confirmation to consider the possible case of missing or damaged products;

※ We cannot accept any refund if the user does not provide the video at the time of opening the package.

ღ ღ Be polite and don’t ask to negotiate prices! Prices are based on the materials and effort involved in providing this high quality product! We use all quality handicrafts!

2. Use perfume 30 minutes before putting on jewelry. Apply the piece after makeup and perfume. After you remove it, let it dry or wipe the piece with a cotton cloth to make sure it doesn’t get wet or sweaty before putting it back on. Protect it from moisture, sweat, water, perfume or other liquids.

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3. Without water and sweat. Sweat is inevitable. In this case, use a regular 100% cotton cloth OR a polishing cloth (white) used for cleaning glasses to gently remove the sweat from the jewelry.

4. Leave it in the air for 5-8 minutes and close it in the lid fastener and store it in a plastic box. Leaving the air out overnight will oxidize the silver, which is a common process in silver jewelry.

5. Do not roll/put jewelery in clothing as there is a possibility of damage during handling.

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6. Gems like guttapusalu/stone gems studded with pearls and stones should be handled with utmost care and caution.

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7. Dropping any jewelry will definitely cause damage, please repair it immediately at your local dealer or send it back to us, we will be happy to repair it for an additional fee, and this process usually takes 25 to 30 days. Note: It cannot be compromised all the time

8. It is very common for silver to oxidize over time when exposed to air/moisture; Re-sanding/cleaning with a silver shine solution can help restore the shine.

♣ ️♣️♣️ NOTE FOR SECURE USERS: We do not buy/sell used items. We do not exchange the old for the new. We are a brand that curates and delivers the best pieces to customers around the world. We do not want to act like regular brokers/jewelers, so we do not exchange items/products or used coins or any monetary products for that matter.

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