US poses existential threat to Russia, says Putin’s leading diplomat

President Vladimir Putin said the US posed an existential threat to Russia through its support for Ukraine.

Sergei Lavrov, the Kremlin’s foreign minister with a reputation for wild statements, used a press conference on Thursday to criticize Washington and Nato, while defending Russia’s bombing of Ukrainian civilian infrastructure.

He said the Kremlin’s attack on Ukraine’s electricity grid was aimed at cutting off the country’s western arsenal, contradicting views from Kyiv and its allies that cutting off heat and electricity for ordinary citizens is an attempt to destroy the national spirit.

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His comments came hours after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said about 6 million Ukrainians were facing a winter without power due to a two-month series of outages at power plants, stations water and transmission lines, among other energy resources.

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On Wednesday night, Governor Kherson said that the recently liberated capital could no longer withstand the heavy shelling of the Russian army.

The West has been arming Ukraine throughout the war, turning recently to hand over air defense systems to counter Russian attacks that have rained down all the country’s cities, away from the front of the war in the south and in the east.

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Mr. Lavrov said that the shipment of weapons and the training of the Ukrainian army in the West is an intervention in the fighting of Nato, especially the US.

He went on to accuse Kyiv of receiving military orders from “western leaders”, a popular claim among Russian officials in the 10 months since Mr Putin ordered the invasion.

Lavrov, right, with Putin at a meeting with the US in Geneva last year


Mr. Lavrov said: “We are attacking the energy industry that enables the West to supply weapons to Ukraine.”

“So don’t say that the US and Nato are not participating in this war – you are directly participating. Including not only the provision of weapons, but also the training of personnel – you train those people [Ukrainian] troops in your territory.”

He added: “Most of the killings by the Nazis in Ukraine were decided by the western authorities of the regime.”

Although the minister put most of the conference to criticize the West, he insisted that Russia has the opportunity for the opportunity of dialogue, both Ukraine and the United States.

He said that Russia has never lost contact with the US but has yet to hear any “important ideas” from Washington, continuing Russia’s efforts to portray itself as denying the possibility of peace. , although he was behind the invasion of Ukraine.


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