Twende! Tanzanian Entrepreneurs Can Win Up To USD 20,000 With UPG Biashara

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UPG Bishara - Let's go to Tanzania

UPG Bishara – Let’s go to Tanzania

UPG Bishara - Apply

UPG Bishara – Apply

Miriam Margaret Mothebe - Winner DDG Grant

Miriam Margaret Mothebe – Winner DDG Grant

Tanzania has an advantage in #UPGBiashara. Tanzania is a priority country for the Diamond Do Good® Entrepreneurship Grant.

Twende! Tanzania has exciting entrepreneurs and we are therefore thrilled that Tanzania is a priority country for another year!”

— Yemi Babington- Ashaye. President, United People Global

GENEVA, Switzerland, Jan. 13, 2023 / — Tanzania benefits from the UPG business and Tanzania is a priority country for Diamond Do Good.® Entrepreneurship grants.

UPG Biashara is an initiative that supports entrepreneurs in their journey to turn their ideas into businesses. The unique ecosystem is built with the view that entrepreneurs make the world a better place and therefore deserve support that maximizes their chances of success. And this support is given for free to 500 lucky entrepreneurs who get their place by showcasing their ideas and their passion. Initiatives are defined by two distinct journeys: the learning journey and the action journey. Grants are provided during the Action Journey and are made possible by Diamonds Do Good® Entrepreneurship grants. The extended last date to apply is 15 January 2023 and interested persons can apply and know more at:

“Twende! Tanzania has exciting entrepreneurs and so we are thrilled that Tanzania is a priority country for another year! There is a great chance that a Tanzanian entrepreneur will also win funding thanks to the inspiring Diamonds Do Good.® entrepreneurship grants,” said Yemi Babington-Ashay. President, United People Global.

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As a priority country, entrepreneurs from Tanzania will enjoy priority selection in UPG Bishara’s class of 2023. Once accepted, they will enjoy significant support in their entrepreneurial journey, learning both hard and soft skills. The 2022 class of UPG Biashara entrepreneurs enjoyed: 50 classes, 70 hours of class time, 39 instructors, 137 live pitches and cash grants! All free. They will also expand their network and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs from over 50 countries in all regions of the world. In addition, Tanzanian entrepreneurs also enjoy priority status with Diamond Do Good.® Entrepreneurship grants.

Diamonds do well® Entrepreneurship grants are accelerators of entrepreneurial impact in communities, with a particular focus on small and medium-sized entrepreneurs. Diamonds do well® The Entrepreneurship Grant is as broad as it is inspiring. Most grantees will win at least USD 5,000 to invest directly in their businesses. Some entrepreneurs will win more amounts up to a maximum of USD 20,000.

“Diamonds do good® We believe that by supporting entrepreneurs we are helping to create a sustainable future for all. In addition to our support for entrepreneurship in the natural diamond mining sectors in Africa, we are pleased to include Tanzania in 2023”, said Nancy Orem Lyman. Executive Director, Diamonds Do Good®.

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In 2022 there were 20 finalists from 8 countries and a total of 10 UPG Biashara entrepreneurs won cash grants from Diamonds Do Good.® Entrepreneurship grants. The winners went through several competitive rounds, including a series of “Shark Tank” style pitches. The grand grant prize of $20,000 was won by UPG Bishara entrepreneur Miriam Margaret Mothebe from Botswana. Miriam Margaret Mothebe is the founder of I 99 Farms – an agriculture and poultry business. He is passionate about agriculture business and has also acquired related skills for it. The Honorable First Lady of Botswana Mrs. Neo Masisi announced Miriam as the winner at a ceremony held on Nelson Mandela Day.

“I love you so much. I wanted this so bad but I didn’t see myself winning the grand prize there. Thank you for believing in me: what is inside me will be shown to the world! I am very grateful,” Miriam Margaret Mothebe.

As a priority country in 2023, Tanzanian entrepreneurs now have a strong advantage to be selected in UPG Bishara’s Class of 2023 and among the 2023 finalists and eventual winners of the Diamond Do Good.® Entrepreneurship grants. Know more:

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Launch of UPG Bishara and launch of DDG Entrepreneurship Grant


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