To Love Ru Episode 1

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The situation escalates as the inhabitants of the planet Devlook (represented mainly by the female members of the royal family) and the inhabitants of Earth (represented mainly by a very tired Rito Yuki) come face to face. . It’s out of control. When little princesses Nana and Momo are transferred to Earth School, where older sister Lala can (theoretically) keep an eye on them, things should go well. But when Momo decides she’s going to complement Rito and Lala’s relationship with a little “little love,” she knows Lala won’t waste any time separating harems. Unfortunately, it’s about that point that Yami, the Golden Darkness, enters the scene with all the magic of a supernova, and an army of high school students! All of this will surely make Rito’s life more miserable than a black hole at a family picnic. Unless, of course, some half-demon princess can fit her Devalukian hoop ass in some other celestials right there!

To Love Ru Episode 1

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Fansub Review: [doki] To Love Ru Darkness (episode 06)

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This show is not for people who hate fanservice and/or harems. This show is for people who like tons of ecchi, harem and more ecchi. To do this, LOVE-RU DARKNESS really … wait for it … plan. *gasp* Really?! The roof. It’s not just for nerd fans (although that’s good, too). If ecchi is your thing you should definitely watch this show.

… but you all probably know that this is the third season of To LOVE-Ru series and you have watched the first two seasons (TO LOVE-Ru and Motto TO LOVE-Ru, …). If you haven’t, then there’s no reason to read this review! Check out the first two seasons! Now I want to talk about this show: 1) Story – 7/10 Are you saying that all shows have no plot? Think again! At first glance, the To LOVE-Ru series may seem like this, but it actually has many arcs that always point in the same direction. Sure, it won’t be a mind-blowing masterpiece like Death Note, but how can you compare TLRD to something different?! We have to understand that the main purpose of this show is to make us crazy about which male heroine will choose in the end. So far it has done that well. However, as I said before, this show has a little history. I mean, there are two girls in space trying to achieve different things with a male character. Controversial stuff, I might add. Then you will see many girls in the world showing interest in the male protagonist. Well, it doesn’t end there, as TLRD has many outlandish girls trying to achieve things with… you guessed it: male characters. Well, when you’re Momo Bella Deviluke, such boring things look like a good opportunity. So in an ecchi harem, Prem-ru should please many (in more ways than one ;)). Don’t get me wrong – yes it has history but it’s still incredibly weak. Nothing compelling but there are moments that leave you wanting more. It’s fun though. I’ll leave it at that. 2) Art – 10/10 The To LOVE-Ru series has come a long way in terms of artwork. At first, visuals were big in its time. However, season two and season three kicked it up a notch or two. The scenery, the characters, and even the little things in the background look amazing. However, I remember reading forum posts and reviews criticizing the artwork of the second and third seasons. You see… when the studio paints the characters, they add this glow to give the illusion of the surrounding body parts (like the chin, elbows, knees). A lot of people don’t like it but I like it. I think the studio made a good decision to keep the artwork of TLRD the same for the second season. So overall I think the show has good art. 3) Sound – 8/10 Since it’s been a year or two since last season’s release, LOVE-Ru Darkness might surprise you in the sound department. Starting with the OP song I really like it. It’s called Ray’s “Rakuen Project”. It’s a mix of electronic/dance music and rock. It threw me off because the first few seconds sounded like the last seconds of an ED song. I literally said “sorry, not the original version of the episode!” But after a few seconds you get to the “real” part of the song. It’s a really nice song. Now something is stuck in my head… Regarding the voice actors – you may find that you don’t like the voice actors chosen for certain characters in the show. I remember watching the first episode…I wondered why the girls sounded so much younger than they looked. I thought for a second, maybe they changed the voice actors from last season because I can’t remember what they sounded like. I did some research but found out they used the same voice actors from last season. I shrugged and decided to just watch the first episode and hope the words would grow on me. Well, you know what? By the end of the episode, I didn’t think twice about having someone else voice the character. You can appreciate the words when you get to the “bad” area ;). The background music was also very good. Small, but good. The ballad is usually played while the story is being told, and the sound is heard during rare scenes (battles, heated conversations with enemies, etc.). There aren’t many sound effects other than the occasional boob/ass grabbing. I got this right. I don’t really like ED songs. It is called “Foul Play Ni Kurari” by Kanan Wakeshima. It’s a fast song with a string orchestra. It’s a great song, don’t get me wrong, but the ending is a little too short. I would prefer a rock song with a ballad edge, but this song is fine too. 4) Characters – 9/10 One of the first things you notice in To LOVE-Ru Darkness is the absence of Lala Satalin Devilook. She was the main heroine in the first two seasons but since then she has been the victim of another heroine in the same competition. Anyway, he doesn’t get much screen time now. I really miss him and feel happy to see him even for a second. Unfortunately, because of all the new characters, the show has changed a little from being a harem that only ends with a harem relationship between two people that strictly aims to create a harem ending. I have mixed feelings about the change. On the one hand, I want Lala to win, but on the other hand, I’m starting to change my mind because of the many interactions between the characters and Rito. Let’s start with the male character. Yuki Rito He is a standard character. He’s confused, sometimes a little thick-headed, but he’s a good man inside. Many girls do this to him. What makes him stand out is that he is notorious for getting into situations that end up putting the girl over or under. Sometimes you get stuck. Sometimes a girl is clingy. Sometimes they stick to both! Top it off with the usual dirty and unsightly areas like chest/butt, face-in-butt/butt/chest, and you’re a happy person (unless you usually get punished afterwards). Then we have My Golden Darkness. Yummy in short. Yami is a quiet Kudere/Dandere whose goal is to kill Yuki Rito – although he doesn’t seem to be able to do it. We didn’t get much in the first two seasons. He was mostly just another character in the story. However, this time the season will focus on Yami and explore her past. This show has a story that gets back to me! Mea Kurosaki will be the first new character you will meet this season. He is an assassin sent to Earth by the master to oversee Yami’s activities. However, Yami and Mia are sisters. Both have the ability to change their hair

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