‘The Walking Dead’ Series Finale Deaths — TV Questions

We have questions and you (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone, we’re fielding inquiries left and right about loads of shows including Fire Country, The Walking Dead, The Good Doctor and Wednesday!

1 | On Fireland, why was the fallen Instagrammer only available by helicopter/safety rescue? There was a lake shore right where she landed.

2 | Were you more relieved about that Walking Dead characters weren’t killed off in the series finale… or, as sick as that sounds, kind of let down? Wouldn’t anyone have preferred to see Lance eat the hideous Pamela’s face rather than see her thrown in jail? Where was Negan’s wife throughout the episode? And despite how inevitable it was, wasn’t it still exciting to get a glimpse of Rick and Michonne at the end?

3 | We know it Yellowstone‘s Beth is impulsive but has just got her father elected governor, would she really get into a bar fight that is almost guaranteed to embarrass him?

4 | After the pianist was taken away by EMTs, it would better play for The white lotusMia has sat at the piano and started to impress the audience (and maybe Valentina) with her singing? (“Better to ask for forgiveness than permission” and all that?) And wouldn’t ultra-direct Harper really have just asked her husband about the condom wrapper?

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5 | On East New YorkHow relieved were you when Stan’s wife unexpectedly showed up at the restaurant after lying about leaving the house to go to the doctor?

6 | Has anyone else/other parents out there noticed that this week NCIS: Los Angeles guest starred not one but two (2) Ant farm alumni, Dominic Burgess and Piper Curda?

7 | On NCIS, how did Charlie know that REACT Agent Knight had a sister? (What was his plan if Robin wasn’t single?) And does anyone want to go through past episodes to see if Jess actually always wears that watch?

8 | The neighborhoodWhat an episode of The neighborhood about supporting local businesses, it wouldn’t have made more sense for the Butlers and the Johnsons to try to save a struggling business actually worth savingrather than mr. Friendly’s unsanitary (and poorly stocked) Bargain Mart?

9 | Were you surprised by that? The good doctor‘s 100th episode didn’t mark the milestone in a bigger way? Or spend the hour reflecting on one of its central relationships (eg Shaun and Lea, Shaun and Glassman) versus Shaun’s difficulties with surgical newbie Powell?

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10 | How was New AmsterdamIs Lauren allowed to be the doctor on her sister’s case? Isn’t that a conflict of interest?

11 | The Winchesters/Supernatural viewers, did being possessed by John give you Sam-in-“Born Under a Bad Sign” vibes?

12 | Andorwas Andor‘s four-story tall Maarva hologram is a little too high-res, coming from low-powered Bee and considering how static Princess Leia’s will be years from now? And were you disappointed by it nothing came from Luthen standing right next to Syril, the one person who could identify him/the voice of “Axis”?

13 | Shall we assume Santa Clauses‘ Scott interviewed only two candidates – Peyton Manning and Kal Penn’s Simon Choksi – before selecting Simon as his successor? And why were Cal and Sandra unable to recognize their father when they arrived in Chicago? Had they never seen a picture of Scott from before he was Santa?

14 | Wednesday Sophia NomveteDid Wednesday‘s Edgar Allen Poe Cup remind someone else Harry Potter‘s Triwizard Cup? And don’t you wish that scene was much longer? And did you catch Rings of power‘s Sophia Nomvete in episode 3?

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15 | Did you get ripped up when Survivor‘s above-the-knee amputee, Noelle came from behind to conquer the balance beam and win the reward challenge? And secondly, would you have voted her out at this stage of the game?

16 | ChuckyHow did Chucky Get approved for your very own credit card? And now that the season is over, what was your favorite kill from Season 2?

17 | College Girls’ Sex Lives fans, how long until Jackson’s comment to Kimberly about her being hot leads to something more?

18 | On Fleishman is in trouble, is it uncanny how convincingly the four stars all slip back into playing their much younger selves in the ’90s flashbacks? Or is it just because we remember them all looking like that on TV around that time?

19 | Could not Bebe Rexha’s Thanksgiving Halftime Show on CBS has come with a motion sickness warning or something?

20 | How The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special guest star Kevin Bacon did not correct the script that said his Friday the 13th character was killed by Jason?

Hit the comments with your answers – and any other questions you want to share!


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