The Voice 2022 LIVE— Carly Pearce stuns with performance & fan-favorites are sent home in devastating triple elimination

TONIGHT’s elimination episode of The Voice featured a performance from country singer Carly Pearce and a triple elimination that left fans heartbroken.

Carly Pearce graced The Voice stage to perform her hit song What He Didn’t Do from her new album Written in Stone.

Fans of the show praised Pearce, with one even tweeting that her performance was “killer”.

Coaches John Legend and Blake Shelton also traded in their red chairs to appear on The Voice stage.

In a devastating triple elimination, Kim Cruse, Justin Aaron and Parijita Bastola were sent home after singing for an instant save.

Fans reacted to the results on Twitter, expressing their shock and frustration at the results.

Next week, Brodie, Brayden Lape, Morgan Myles, Bryce Leatherwood and America’s instant savior Omar Jose Cardona will compete to become season 23’s winner of The Voice.

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  • Fans accuse The Voice of favoring country singers

    Many fans have taken to Twitter to express their dismay that country singers have an advantage on the show.

    One fan tweeted: “Just watched my last episode of #thevoice. If you’re not country and white don’t bother.”

    Another added, “Big surprise, America is voting for the country singer over the better singers.”

  • Fans react to tonight’s show

    Fans have taken to social media to express their disappointment with tonight’s show.

    Tonight’s bottom four were the three people of color on the show, prompting fans to criticize the voting demographics.

    One fan tweeted: “The demographic that watches The Voice is definitely racist and favors the young, white, male country singers. They aren’t even the most talented. Let a POC get the spotlight they deserve.”

    Another agreed: “This is the most disrespectful bottom four ever.”

  • Omar was saved

    Omar Jose Cardona was the instant save of the night and the fifth finalist this season.

    Kim Cruse, Justin Aaron and Parijita Bastola have been eliminated and will not be performing next week.

  • Instant save poll is closed

    Instant save voting is officially closed.

    Kim and Parijita thanked their coach John Legend for how he has inspired them throughout their journey on The Voice.

    The legend praised his team and told them how great they have been.

    Justin also thanked his trainer Gwen Stefani and told her she was an icon.

    Gwen shared how important Justin has been and how much she loved working with him.

    Omar also thanked his trainer John Legend.

  • Instant save voting is officially open

    Fans have the next five minutes to vote on the ABC app for the artist they want to save.

    Omar, Justin, Kim and Parijita all sang their last week’s songs.

    Fans have just a few minutes to choose who they want to save tonight.

  • Omar Jose Cardona closes the evening’s performances

    Omar Jose Cardona has taken the stage to close the night’s instant rescue performances.

    Omar sang Lady Gaga’s You and I in hopes of staying in the competition.

    His coach, John Legend, said he was “flabbergasted” Omar was competing for an instant save, but he still believed Omar was The Voice.

  • Justin takes the stage

    Team Gwen’s Justin Aaron takes the stage to fight for an instant save.

    Justin sang Made a Way originally sung by Travis Greene.

    Gwen Stefani praised his performance and admitted that she couldn’t sleep last night and prayed that he would make it to the final.

    Both Gwen and Camila Cabello agreed that Justin was the kindest person on the show.

  • Kim Cruse appears for an instant rescue

    Kim Cruse took the stage next to sing the classic ballad All By Myself.

    Kim competes against Parijita, Omar and Justin for an instant save.

    Whichever contestant receives the most votes will be saved from tonight’s elimination.

    Her trainer, John Legend, praised her for pushing through her insecurities with courage.

    Legend even said that Kim was “one of the greatest singers he’s ever worked with.”

  • Parijita Bastola sings

    Parijita Bastola from Team Legend has taken the stage to sing Adele’s hit Make You Feel My Love.

    Her soulful rendition showed how powerful her voice is.

    Parijita played for an instant save.

    Her coach, John Legend, beamed with pride and begged the US to keep her in the final.

  • Cleaning for Team Blake

    Blake’s entire team has made it to the final five.

    Brayden Lape was the last member of Blake’s team to secure a spot in next week’s final.

  • Kim Cruse and Justin Aaron reflect

    Kim Cruse told the audience tonight how important confidence is.

    She encouraged them to share their art and their talents even as they struggle with insecurities.

    Justin Aaron reflected on his performance last night and revealed how important it was to him that he sang his wife’s favorite song.

  • Carly Pearce takes the stage

    Country music artist Carly Pearce has taken the stage to perform her hit song What He Didn’t Do.

    What He Didn’t Do is on Pearce’s latest album Written in Stone, released in 2021.

    Pearce will join Blake Shelton on tour in 2023.

  • Morgan and Bodie go to the finals

    Morgan Myles has been announced as the next contestant in the top five.

    Her coach Camilla Cabello was ecstatic to see her last team member become a finalist.

    Bodie was announced as the third artist in tonight’s top five, and his coach Blake Shelton assured him he deserved it.

    The two will now prepare to impress America next week in hopes of winning the season.

  • Morgan Myles and Parijita send their messages

    Morgan Myles reflected on her experience on The Voice and thanked her coach Camilla Cabello.

    Parijita sent a message of gratitude to her parents for helping her achieve her dream.

  • The Voice checks in with Kenan Thompson

    The Voice checked in with Kenan Thompson on the People’s Choice Awards stage.

    The show follows tonight’s episode of The Voice.

    The Voice is nominated for Best Competition Show tonight at the PCAs.

  • John Legend takes the stage

    John Legend left his red chair for a piano bench on tonight’s episode of The Voice.

    Legend performed his emotional ballad Nervous on his new album, LEGEND.

    The song is available on the studio version of his album and the piano version is featured on his solo sessions EP.

  • Bryce Leatherwood advances to the finals

    Bryce Leatherwood of Team Blake has been announced as the first finalist.

    Bryce has secured his place in the top five and will go on to compete in the finals next week.

  • The top eight take the stage

    The top eight have taken the stage and await their fate.

    Three of the contestants will be eliminated tonight and only five will continue next week to appear in the finale.

    Omar revealed to host Carson Daly that all the work he’s put into his music has led to this moment.

    Bodie praised his coach Blake, calling him a “visionary.”

  • Blake Shelton opens the show

    The Voice’s very own coach Blake Shelton took the stage tonight to open the show.

    He sang his new song No Body with a live band and backup singers.

  • Listen now!

    Tune in now to watch the semi-final elimination round and find out who will appear in the final five.

    The show is live on NBC and available at or through the NBC apps with a cable provider login.

    The NBC app is available on Amazon Fire, Apple and Android devices, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku and more.

    The show is also available on live TV streaming services such as fuboTV, DirecTV Stream, Hulu + Live TV and YouTube TV.

  • What to expect for the rest of the season

    Tonight, another round of eliminations will reveal the final five contestants heading to the finals.

    According to Penn Live, the two-part finale is scheduled for December 12 and 13, where the season winner will be revealed.

  • What the winner of The Voice gets

    The winner of each season of The Voice reportedly gets $100,000 and a record deal with Universal Music Group.

    In comparison, the winner of American Idol reportedly earns $250,000 plus a weekly stipend of $1,000 while they record their album.

    But at times, The Voice winner’s celebrity coach offers other perks to the champion.

  • Blake Shelton’s choice as the next coach

    On October 11, Blake Shelton informed fans that he would not be returning as a coach on the next season of The Voice.

    He took to Twitter to give his opinion on who should replace him in the 24th season.

    Shelton wrote: Y’all know next spring The Voice season 23 will be my last… So I want to throw @NealMcCoy‘s hat in the ring as my replacement! Can I get an amen?!!!!

  • Blake’s new TV gig

    After coaching on The Voice for 12 years, Blake Shelton announced his departure from the show on Instagram in October.

    Even though Blake is leaving the singing competition, he will still appear on TV screens in a different way.

    Blake will launch a new show Barmaggedon filmed in his Nashville bar.

    The Voice host Carson Daly will appear as the show’s bartender, and WWE star Nikki Bella will judge the bar games.

    The show premiered last night on the USA Network.

  • When Blake knew it was time to go

    The news of Blake Shelton’s departure from The Voice came as a shock to audiences who have known the country singer as a fixture on the show since the first season.

    In an interview with Extra Shelton revealed that he had made the decision to leave a few years ago.

    He explained: “I knew it was time. I knew I had to take a step back. It had completely taken over my life.”

    Shelton also added that his wife and fellow trainer Gwen Stefani was the first to tell him about his decision.

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