The Internet Is Roasting Lamborghini For Cringy Huracan Sterrato Ad

Lamborghini is not a brand that many can associate with cars. This is sort of the ethos of the brand. Italian, purebred supercars tend to be that way. Despite its high bull stand, the debut Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato has a bit of an “everyman” (for lack of a better term). A Lamborghini made to get dirty, at least in theory, seemed almost human. However, this new ad has gone ahead and hyped this off-road supercar to go back into space.

Did Lamborghini choose the spoken word for the Huracan Sterrato ad?

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The internet has been cruel to this Lamborghini ad. Many are nervously excited to see what Lambo will do and appointed “off-roader” other than Lamborghini Urus. Admittedly, the idea is fun. However, in practice, it feels contrived and absurdly limited without the help of the commercial.

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