The Big Book of Computing Content and Pedagogy now available for free

The Computational Handbook of Content and PedagogyThe official Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced the availability of The Big book of computing content and The Big Book of Computing Pedagogy. Created to help educators reflect on what you teach in Computing and how you teach it. “The Big Book of Computing Pedagogy describes a range of teaching approaches framed around our 12 pedagogical principles for teaching Computing. Each principle-informed research either illustrates how pedagogy-general goals apply to Computing or explores specific pedagogy for Computing itself.

“Reflecting is important in all lines of work, and computing education is no different. Reflective practice is always valuable, whether you support learners in a non-formal setting, such as Code Club or CoderDojo, or in a more formal environment, such as a school or college. When you reflect, you can for example evaluate a session or lesson and make changes for next time, or consider whether to reorganize the activity and study over a longer period of time, or even think broadly about what you teach and how you teach it.

The Computational Handbook of Content and Pedagogy

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“We have organized this Handbook based on the 11 content strands of our taxonomy and have also included progressive learning outcomes for each strand at different learning stages. These outcomes are not prescriptive; instead they reflect the broad application of the subject by highlighting the range of knowledge and understanding that learners have can develop in every area of ​​Computing.

“Computing is a broad and interdisciplinary subject, and different curricula and courses around the world focus on different aspects. For all of us, therefore, computing is framed by the curriculum we work with and the terms we use to talk about it. Over the past years at the Foundation, we have developed a taxonomy of computing to help explain different aspects of the subject. The Big Book of Computing The content is based on this taxonomy. The purpose of this special edition of Hello World is to illustrate the breadth of Computation, and the language model that describes the different concepts, knowledge, and skills that comprise it.

For more information on free download links for The Big Book of Computing Content and Pedagogy jump over to the official Raspberry Pi blog by following the link below.

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