Sharjah records 68% increase in female entrepreneurs – News

The panel discusses strategies for promoting Sharjah as a destination to a global audience

Panel in session at SEF on Saturday.  - Photographed

Panel in session at SEF on Saturday. – Photographed

Published: Sat 17 Dec 2022, 7:45 PM

Maryam bin Al Sheikh, director of the Sharjah Business Women’s Council, said that Sharjah has recently seen a 68 percent increase in female entrepreneurs.

She was speaking at a panel discussion titled “Marhaba: Welcome to Sharjah”, which discussed strategies for promoting Sharjah as a destination to a global audience. The panel discussion was part of the Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival 2022.

The panel hosted Khaled Al Midfa, Chairman of Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority (SCTDA); Mohammad Musharrakh, CEO of Investments in Sharjah; Ahmed AlKhoshaibi, Group CEO of Arada; Maryam Bin Al Sheikh, Director of Sharjah Business Women Council; and Karim Al Jisr, Chief Sustainability Officer of Diamond Developers; And the broadcast was moderated by journalist Abdul Karim Hanif.

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Khaled Al Midfa emphasized the importance of learning and understanding Sharjah’s culture and history in order to effectively welcome and engage with visitors and highlighted the fact that more than 50 percent of the UAE’s museums are located in the emirate and that tourism is over 12. percent of GDP. “By embracing and sharing our culture and heritage, we can create a truly authentic and meaningful experience for visitors,” he said.

Al Midfa mentioned that tourism in Sharjah is growing rapidly and despite the population being around 1.5 million, more than 1.8 million people visited and booked hotel rooms in the past year. “Sharjah has a population of over 200 nationalities, we have a well-diversified economy, we are a dynamic emirate that provides a benchmark for innovation and exceeds expectations time and time again. We are a hub of possibilities with a strong authentic identity.”

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Mohammed Musharraf highlighted Sharjah and its government’s commitment to providing unique and authentic experiences for both visitors and businesses. “Investment in Sharjah plays a critical role in facilitating this experience through our partnerships and collaborations with businesses and organisations, including for example the important work we do with Shera and the Sharjah Investors Services Centre. The turnout today by entrepreneurs and business people investing their weekend in SEF is a testament to the fact that our work is effectively attracting the next generation to our emirate” he said.

Arada’s Ahmed Al Khoshaibi spoke about the exponential growth in the property market in Sharjah over the past year with 90 per cent of investments being made by foreign nationals in the last month alone with transactions totaling over Dh700 million. “Although the increase in purchases by foreigners has been increasing every year, investment by locals has remained steady and this number should not be seen as a decline in local investment, but an example of how Sharjah is becoming more and more. A valuable destination for the world.”

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Speaking about the role of Sharjah Sustainable City in the emirate as a partnership project between Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Sharooq) and Diamond Developers, Karim Al Jisr said, “Sharjah Sustainable City is a home for new ideas and innovations. Innovate problem solving. We pride ourselves on being a place for early adopters and a living lab or “sandbox” for development. We provide space for innovation and growth for organizations and people.”


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