Selling to the CIO: Artificial Intelligence

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AI is set to be one of the most profitable opportunities for the channel, as it sits directly at the forefront of the company’s innovation agenda. However, delivering AI is difficult, and CIOs are turning to their partners to provide leadership. It is the ultimate test of a partner’s ability to engage with customers on strategy and vision, rather than technical provision.

According to IDC, AI – including software, hardware, and services for AI-centric systems – will exceed $US300 billion by 2026 at a CAGR of 26.5 percent. This makes it one of the fastest growing areas expected across all of IT. With 89 percent of CIOs surveyed in the Foundry 2022 State of CIO report stating that their role is more digital and focused on innovation today, it’s clear that AI is being considered as a path to achieving those results.

However, 70-80 percent of AI projects fail. The reasons for this are very diverse, from a misunderstanding of the expected performance of AI, to poor change management, and, most commonly, data. Lack of data, or poor data quality, can lead to poorly “trained” and ineffective AI. Just as digital transformation experiences a high failure rate and organizations look to their partners to overcome those challenges, so too will partners be the answer to AI challenges for many organizations.

“Partners need to help customers understand that AI is a long-term investment,” Mei May Soo, Director of Data Science at Dell Technologies AI said in an exclusive interview with Foundry. “One cannot expect that an organization will be able to apply AI in every part of its business immediately. Artificial intelligence is not a tool. It is not software. It is a mindset. It is a deliberate design centered on behavioral science, and it is important for partners to help customers rethink the process and how AI will impact business so that AI can be layered into existing decision-making processes.

How partners can strategically engage with their customers around AI


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