Review: Julianne Moore shines in When You Finish Saving the World

“When You’re Done Saving the World” boasts performances from Julianne Moore and Finn Wolfhard who play a mother and son trying to bond.

PORTLAND, Maine – [Editor’s note: This article is a critical analysis of a film and doesn’t represent the views of NEWS CENTER Maine, but that of the author.]

The coming-of-age drama from A24 stars Julianne Moore and “Stranger Things” star Finn Wolfhard.

It’s called “When You’re Done Saving the World,” and it opens in theaters this weekend.


“When You’re Done Saving the World” follows the story of a boy named Ziggy (Wolfhard) and his mother, Evelyn (Moore), and their inability to bond. It is an overview of the upcoming film of the year.

The project was adapted from an audio film directed by Jesse Eisenberg. He also serves as both director and screenwriter for this film.

Ziggy is a talented young artist with thousands of fans on social media. He writes songs and performs them live every week to earn money.

Meanwhile, Evelyn runs a shelter for survivors of domestic abuse. She is very strong and wants her child to be more ambitious than just playing music.

So, Ziggy and Evelyn each look to the other for what they don’t get in their mother-son relationship because of the many missing olive branches at the intersection.

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When the boy is in Evelyn’s house with his mother, she is very interested in his future, trying, in a terrible way, to make him into a son who will succeed himself.

At school, Ziggy has a crush on a girl named Lila (Alisha Boe). He is interested in politics and poetry, something Ziggy is not all knowledgeable about. But that doesn’t stop him from always trying to please her and get her approval and approval.

These two characters struggle to connect with their target audience, come into conflict with each other, and sell the few bridges between them.


Some of the scenes in “When You’re Done Saving the World” can be hard to watch because Ziggy can be a bit of a jerk, while Evelyn is afraid that she’s going to have a relationship with the boy. ‘his shelter.

The two lead characters come off as deadpan, but Moore and Wolfhard portray them well. Evelyn comes across as out of place at times in this film, and Moore does the job well.

Meanwhile, Ziggy, although a bit of a doofus, really comes through with his music. Wolfhard has the best scene in the movie when his character puts Lila’s poem into music. It’s hard to watch the performance and not smile because Wolfhard makes an incredible singer. Music may be the only thing he’s good at, but he excels with the guitar in his hands.

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On top of that, “When You’re Done Saving the World” has a score that fits well with the emotional theme of the film and the desperation of these characters who are always alone despite their live under the same roof. That’s courtesy of Emile Mosseri who wrote a score praising the film well.

The story falls short of its potential, ending before rewarding the audience with a satisfying conclusion. It looks like the writers took it out a few minutes early. On top of that, “When You’re Done Saving the World” is much longer than it actually is – and that’s not good. The movie is not even an hour and a half long.

Jay O. Sanders is also a total loser in his role as head of the family. He was in a few movies and wasn’t given much development or use. “When You’re Done Saving the World” seems like its story could have benefited from either fleshing out Sanders’ character better or eliminating it entirely.

As it is, it can be pulled right out of the story without any noticeable changes.

Fortunately, Moore and Wolfhard’s performances are front and center in this film, and they are strong. The film’s directing is where it excels, and having a solid soundtrack doesn’t hurt.

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