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How to play games in Metaverse?

Unlike today’s more common digital games, things in the metaverse happen in real time – no pauses, replays, or resets. In addition, a high-speed Internet connection and a powerful virtual reality headset provide an immersive experience, including a 360-degree view of the digital environment. Haptic gloves and jackets offer physical touch.

Some tech giants and investors see the meta version as the next wave of computing. It started with mainframes and then moved to personal and mobile computers.


Play-to-earn game relies blockchain technology as you can earn items that you play the game. This can be in the form of crypto tokens, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and through a process known as staking. Many of these games will reward you for your time by offering you digital assets.

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Until recently, most video games had a centralized economic model. Developers and publishers reserve the rights to all in-game economic items and the right to distribute the in-game assets as they see fit. For example, if you have a skin or any item in the game. Developers have permission to enable it for you. But if they decide to turn off the game or remove all game elements that affect the items they have. You will have no recourse and the item or skin will be lost.

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With the advent of the play-to-earn model, any digital assets you own in-game are empirically yours to do with as you wish. It can be sold in other markets.

For example, in the game world of Axie Infinity, you earn tokens called SLP, which you can sell on fiat or stablecoin exchanges.

Selling and trading

You can also sell and trade digital assets like land and weapons in the form of NFTs to other players in the dedicated market. Because these items will be tokenized, they are unique assets that cannot be replicated, and tokens for these items are safely stored in a distributed ledger.

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In a game called Decentraland, you can sell and buy virtual land. In the latest event, a piece of land in Decentraland was sold for $1.3 million.

These assets are stored on the blockchain, so you don’t have to worry about their security. And this asset will be yours. Neither the publisher nor the developer will have any ownership rights. It should be noted that no game is actually “decentralization” because it still requires the issuer’s authority to define, issue, and limit assets that are ultimately traded as NFTs.


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