Owner’s Unusual Signal to Dog for Walkies Delights Internet

Dog owners have revealed a unique way to let their dog know it’s time for walkies.

In the video, which has almost 8 million views, user @carlafarren1 grabs his wireless headphone case, clicks it closed and explains in the caption: “Knows he’s walking when the earphones come out”.

When the case was closed, the brown Labrador came racing into the room, ran up to its owner and made excited noises. The caption reads: “Love walkies.”

Users share their own unique sign for “walkies”.

One user said: “My dog ​​has learned the sound when the xbox is off and knows when it’s time to light up,” while another shared: “My dog ​​knows when I ask google what the weather is haha.”

Some dog owners have an amazing bond with their animals that almost seems like a telepathic connection. Dogs can sometimes pick up on our cues and habits to know when their favorite or hated activities come up, such as walks and dinner time, or the dreaded trip to the vet.

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Write for Daily pawsVeterinary behaviorist Lisa Radosta said: “Dogs most definitely have a sense of time passing. They are most likely to mark the passage of time in relation to other stimuli, such as the location of the sun in the sky, hunger, thirst, or the location of the moon in the sky.”

Chocolate Labrador out for a walk
File photo of a labrador for a walk. A pet owner’s unusual way of signaling to their dog that it’s time for a walk has gone viral on TikTok.
Image BiancaGrueneberg/Getty

While the dog may not be able to tell the time, the dog’s sense of the right time for certain activities is reinforced by routine and behavior.

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“Even though noon for us can mean morning, it also means many other things, like coffee, breakfast, shower, and getting ready for school or work,” says Radosta. “For dogs, it’s no different. Daylight means the beginning of the day: eat breakfast, go out to eliminate, take for a walk, get table scraps, their pet’s mother is going to work, and so on.”

This research reinforces that routine is essential for a happy dog. The American Kennel Club says “dogs thrive on consistency and benefit from knowing what to expect. Routine can support every aspect of your relationship with your dog, from home training and grooming to prevent some behavioral challenges and boosting canine confidence.”

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While the routine helps, the AKC also says that if the routine is too rigid, your dog may get restless if you choose to sleep in and not feed them when they are used to it. “Rather than building a routine at a specific time, prioritize creating consistency around your pet’s exercise or training and where your dog eats its food,” he said. “This can help support the pet without making them stiff depending on the exact time.”

Newsweek have reached out to carlafarren1 for comment.

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