‘Original Sins’ is top-notch crime novel from Bob Houlihan

“Original Sins,” a modern noir crime thriller by Bob Houlihan of Akron, does not disappoint in its style, characters and plot.

Bill Delahanty, a claims adjuster at an insurance company, does the bare minimum to stay employed. He is summoned to an executive office for a meeting with a prominent lawyer, where he is offered the newly created position of head of corporate security, with an urgent first task: an accounting clerk has disappeared with some company accounts; Bill’s job is to find them and her.


Bill asks why the police or private security firms haven’t been involved, but his question is dismissed. He’s smart enough to know that these files must contain information damaging to the director and that the job is probably a scam, but he needs the substantial pay that comes with it; he is going through a divorce and his preschool son has a congenital condition that requires expensive care. Bill suffers from clinical depression and bipolar disorder, so he also needs the health insurance he lost when he lost his previous job.


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