New internet service coming to St. Joseph

November 22—St. Joseph residents will soon have more options when choosing an internet provider.

Metronet, a 100% fiber optic company started back in 2005, said it is moving to the local market.

“Today, we are the largest 100% fiber optic company in the United States,” said Ben Ruzick, Metronet’s director of government affairs. “Metronet brings 100% fiber optic high-speed internet along with fiber to the home phone with a heavy focus as a business on customer service. One of the things we are very passionate about as a company is to ensure that we provide a world-class experience for our residents and businesses who took our services.”

Ruzick said Metronet is available in more than 250 communities in 16 states.

“As far as St. Joseph, we are really looking for communities that are underserved,” said Ruzick. “It is one of the areas that Metronet is the most successful in, areas that do not have access to high-speed internet, especially fiber-provided services and we found that in St. Joseph”.

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Ruzick said the leader of the company is excited to work with the community of St.

“One of the things that is really important to us is a community of leaders who understand the importance of fast internet,” Ruzick said. “Especially these days and it makes a big difference for a lot of people, whether it’s school from home or work from home, it’s really become a very important thing. That’s why we’re looking for the type of community like St. Joseph. .”

Natalie Redmond, President and CEO of the St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce said this is a great opportunity for area residents.

“Broadband is a big thing for Buchanan County,” Redmond said. “We are working hard to ensure that we continue to have broadband, not only in the part of St. Joseph that may need improvement but also in rural broadband.”

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Redmond stressed the importance of having good internet throughout the region with many businesses

“As we see working from home more than ever because of the pandemic, it’s critical that we can have the infrastructure and needs to ensure that the workforce working from home has what they need to be successful,” said Redmond. .

Providing consumers with multiple internet providers to choose from is good for the community, Redmond said.

“I think consumers, both individuals and businesses, are very excited to have multiple options and be able to make sure they have what’s best for them,” Redmond said. “Our goal is obviously to have everyone in Buchanan County with good broadband service, good internet and fast service.”

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Construction has begun in the northern part of St. Joseph and is expanding throughout the city.

Metronet hopes to begin installation services in the spring of 2023 and complete all construction in St. Joseph within two years.

“We’re just really excited to get on and start serving the city of St. Joseph,” said Ruzick. “They’ve just been a great city to work with.”

More information about the company can be found on its website

United Fiber, based in Savannah, Missouri, also recently announced that it is investing more than $50 million to expand its high-speed fiber broadband to an additional 36,000 homes and businesses in St.

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