Microsoft is losing the computing war to Apple — and the Surface Pro 9 is proof

So I read the first batch of Surface Pro 9 reviews, and a theme quickly emerged as I digested the highlights. (We have our own review of Microsoft’s latest 2-in-1 device on the way.) Frankly, Windows on ARM still isn’t good enough — certainly not enough to justify the very high $1,299 price ($1,579 with keyboard and stylus) for what it is. must be one of the best laptops.

Let’s start with the overall performance. There are two versions of the Surface Pro 9: one with the SQ3 chip (Qualcomm and Microsoft) and one with the 12th gen Intel chip. According to Andrew Freedman over at Tom’s Hardware (opens in new tab)model SQ3 far behind the MacBook Air M2 in a range of tests.


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