Love Is An Illusion

Love Is An Illusion – Love is an Illusion is a Korean/English webtoon written and illustrated by Fargo. Published in 2018 by Lezhin with ninety-nine chapters, a complete manhwa/webtoon creation.

Hye-sung has spent his whole life believing that he is the Alpha, the jackpot in the genetic lottery. But his world is turned upside down when he discovers that he is not a dominant Alpha, but a submissive Omega. Her frustration culminates when she often crosses paths with the handsome Dojin, a true Alpha. True, Dojin can’t stand Omega, but his obsession with Hye-sung leads to explosive arguments and unexpected sex. Is it really that corrosive chemistry that makes their bodies react?

Love Is An Illusion

Take a step into the omegaverse with this hot boy love webtoon manhwa! The book is now printed on deluxe English stock, with a black and white comic strip with beautiful color inserts.

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Fargo is a manhwa/webtoon creator from Korea known for Love is an Illusion and If You Hate Me.

Kim, who insists he’s an Alpha, calls someone and tells them he’s been shot by an angry Alpha. Hye-sung says she spent all her money to attend the party she attended, looking beautiful and handsome, so she could find a rich Omega to start her life with. He seems genuinely shocked when he finds out that he is actually an Omega, because he believed otherwise after his test results when he was young revealed that he was an Alpha. At the time, he thought an Omega looked terrible, but regardless of the outcome, he was punished for being so stupid and helpless. He dropped out of high school in his senior year and bounced around from job to job until he was in his early twenties when he met Doji. Born on September 23 at the age of 20, Kim’s height is 164 cm, weight: 50 kg. Horoscope: Virgo is already 22 years old.

Coming from a family of mostly alphas, Dojin disagreed with the assessment that such a family was untrustworthy. He is also the lead singer of a band, which is his current job. Attending a friend’s party, he later considers a bad choice, because Omega is also invited to the party. Dojin sees his friend at the party discussing Hye-Sung as if she were an Omega. He thought it was unfortunate that his friend couldn’t recognize pheromones like he did. Later, Dojin runs into Hye-sung in the comfort room, and he smells her. Angered, Park releases her pheromones to challenge Hye-Sung. Dojin doesn’t feel what he sees as a heat cycle, which adds to Hye-Sung’s problem. However, he pushes Hye-Sung away when she approaches the other guests and takes her home, anxious to rest. The next day, Dojin thinks he won’t see Hye-sung again since he left her that morning. At Doji’s concert, he finds Hye-sung and asks her why she left the person who gave her so much kindness. He is now 27 years old. He was born on November 2. Height: 185 cm. Weight: about 81 kg. Horoscope: Scorpio

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Doji’s friend, Beta, who didn’t notice Omega at the party they attended. He suggests finding out how many people are at the party and then buying them food. He found the visitor annoying, angry that he said he wanted, knowing he couldn’t face Doji. Yoon Dojin helps her when she performs on stage. She is currently dating Doju, who is Alpha, Doji’s brother. He is 24 years old and was born on June 18. Height: 174 cm. Weight: 62 kg. Horoscope: Gemini

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Hye-sung Beta’s friend and Dojin’s fan. He helps Hye-sung stay at her house with her roommate Junsu after she gets fired from her job and comforts her when she breaks down. Kyungsoo is in a relationship with Lee Chowon, who was previously married to Doju

Born on February 8, Park Byul is the daughter of Park Dojin and Kim Hye-sung. She became pregnant by accident when her mother was in heat. He shows signs of possibly having a dominant allele because he is sensitive to pheromones like Dojin. Height: 61.5 cm. Weight: about 6.3 kg. Horoscope: Aquarius.

Lee Chowon was previously married to Park Dojun, Park Doji’s older brother. After first filing for divorce, Lee Chowon struggles to cope with the loss of her husband despite filing for divorce. Lee Chowon is a charming dominant omega who charms all who look at her. As she struggles with nervous tension, she is seen as a very cold, submissive and evil character, but her views change after she experiences a relationship with Yoon Kyungsoo. Chowon is now working to repair the damage and change for the better.

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Let me start by saying that I loved this manhua. This story intrigued me, and even though one of the MCs is a pretty tough character, which makes him annoying at times, I liked it because it was something DIFFERENT from the omega stereotype. Now the most important thing I have to say about this:

Love Is An Illusion Ch.94 Page 2

It is characterized by sexual violence. I know what I’m getting into. I was hoping that maybe, just maybe, it would be so mild that I could ignore it, but in the end I was disappointed. I understood at first. Omegas and alphas have warmth, moisture, and pheromones, all of which are crazy and confusing. I understand that mistakes are made, and since it’s fictional, I can let it slide…but it just goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on. Looks like MC didn’t learn something simple enough for an alpha child to understand!!!

When your partner says, “Wait!” you expect “Stop!” if they say stop “I don’t want this!” if they say Stop!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t care if someone says “Oh, she’s a cute tsundere who can’t say she really likes him and still loves him.” Annoying!!!!!

If only in the beginning I would have left it and maybe given this series a better rating, but in the FINAL STAGES, like about 50 chapters, the same major alpha error happens again and again, I’m pissed about it. . Everything is very difficult for the main omega because he is “annoying”, but in the long run he was a victim of severe abuse by his family, he was severely traumatized even though he sometimes spoke, then he was sexually assaulted. through key alpha residues. . The autonomy of his body has been removed. She became pregnant. He has no choice because he doesn’t understand because he thinks he is ALPHA all his life!! Surely someone would act like an ass in this situation!??!?!

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Love Is An Illusion Wallpaper By Ponoloo

If I wasn’t seriously in love with OTHER ASPECTS OF THIS MANHUA, I would never be disappointed by this little detail. I want everything. I like the characters, the world setting, and the stories to an extent. I felt like I could have gotten over it if the major alpha mistakes were left at the beginning of the story, but when he repeated the same mistake he had already made, I lost faith in him as a character and felt like he wasn’t believable. to be released

So that’s it. A summary and words about this manhua. I recommend it to people who don’t mind the questionable aspects of consent/sexual harassment and are otherwise looking for cuteness and an interesting story. Feelings: Happiness ending in disappointment.

Edit: I’m an idiot. The author really hates Hyesung because the character rating is really 10/10. Good job. 🙂👍.

I really like this manga, it’s really good. Here we have an emotionally fragile but independent omega and a sad alpha who loves and tries to be what the ukes need… There are some frustrating moments, but the good moments are more toned down – it is. Most of all, while reading it I saw a unique experience in the omegaverse that I have never seen in any other manga of this genre (yes, I have…). Read on and find out what I’m talking about, I highly recommend this awesome manga! <3Love is an Illusion is a complete ninety nine chapter manhva. Written and illustrated by Fargo. Published in 2018, published by Lejin. In a world where pheromones can make anyone pregnant, Park Dojin becomes involved in Kim Hye-sung's life. The continuation of love is an illusion! –

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