How to delete messages from Messenger

delete messages from Messenger

Sometimes it is necessary to clear the conversation for your favorite contacts or maybe not so favorite, to help keep your messenger application a little more organized. If you’re interested in learning how to delete conversations, photos and messages from the official Facebook Messenger app, this quick guide will take you through the entire process. Both from within the official app and also show you how to delete Messenger messages using the official Facebook or Meta website.

Guide you through the process and show you how delete a single message, conversations and photos from your inbox. Although it should be mentioned that this won’t delete them from your friend’s inbox and you can’t delete all your conversations at once but you can delete individual conversations one by one.

When you use the Meta Messenger app on your phone, Facebook will keep all your messages in your inbox until you decide to delete them. To do this in the Messenger desktop app simply right click on the conversation you want to delete and select “Delete Conversation“A confirmation box will then appear where you have to click”erase” to finish the process.

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To delete a single message or photo in Messenger, open a conversation in the app and right-click on the message or photo you want to delete. Then select “Delete it for you“then confirm your choice by clicking”leave“. This process is also available from Simply hover over the conversation below Chats and click the three dots ““icon. Once here click “Delete > Delete“. To delete a message or photo, open the conversation hover over the message or photo you want to delete from Messenger and click the three dots ““then select” iconleave > Release it“.

Delete messages from Messenger

To delete individual messages from the official Messenger app

1. Open the chat that contains the message you want to delete.
2. Select the message by holding your touch screen.
3. Select “Delete for You” to delete the message from your conversation

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To delete an entire conversation from the Mobile Messenger App

– On Android devices, tap and hold your finger on the conversation you want to delete and tap “Delete”
– On Apple devices simply swipe left on a Messenger conversation, select “More” and select “Delete”.


Delete individual messages from Messenger on

1. Go to Messenger > located in the upper right corner of your browser window and at the bottom of your Messenger window list select “See All in Messenger”
2. Select the individual chat message you want to delete from the left column to open it in your main central window and hover over the three vertical dots icon and select “Delete” and select once more “leave” in the pop-up window

Delete all conversations from Messenger on

1. If you want to delete all conversations from your feed, simply hover your cursor over the conversation listed in the left-hand column and click on the three horizontal dots icon. Then select “Delete Chat”

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If you have archived any chat, you can also make it reappear by selecting “Chat archive” allows you to clean up the Messenger app and your conversations.

If you accidentally deleted a message from your messenger app and want to get it back. You may find our previous article on recovering deleted messages from the Meta app a useful starting point. Although if you need more help using the Facebook Meta Messenger app on your mobile device or in your browser jump over to the official Meta Messenger Help Center.

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