How to Cancel Your Canva Subscription (Mobile and Web)

Canva is a graphic design tool that allows users to create professional-grade images and artwork from thousands of templates. But to access Canva Pro features a paid subscription is required. And while the Pro plan is definitely worth the monthly subscription fee, there are plenty of reasons you might want to cancel the plan.

In this article, we will explain how to cancel your Canva subscription on each available platform.

How to Cancel Your Canva Subscription

If you want to cancel your Canva subscription, you can do so through your web browser, mobile, Android app, or iOS app. Once you cancel your subscription, your plan will end after your current billing period. This means you will have access to all the paid features until then.

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After canceling, your design and Brand Kit will be saved in case you want to upgrade to Canva Pro or Canva for Teams in the future.

Canceling a Canva Subscription on a Computer

  1. Load in your web browser.
  2. Choose that gear icon in the upper right corner to open your Canva Account settings.
  1. Choose that Bills & plans tab.
  1. Choose that three horizontal points.
  1. sELECT Cancel subscription.
  1. You may have to press Continue Cancellation once or twice and input the reason you canceled. Finally, press Send to confirm your decision.

If that option is not available, you can use the mobile app to upgrade. In this case, you must use the app to cancel your plan.

Canceling a Canva Subscription on a Mobile Device

  1. Upload Canva website homepage in your web browser or open Canva application.
  2. Tap on three horizontal lines in the lower right corner.
  1. Tap you name.
  1. SELECT Account settings.
  1. sELECT Bills & plans.
  1. Tap on three horizontal points.
  1. SELECT Cancel subscription.

Canceling a Canva Subscription on Android

To cancel your Canva Pro subscription on Android, you can use the Google Play Store or the Canva app.

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  1. Open it Google Play applications.
  2. Tap you Account icon.
  1. In the pop-up window, select Payments and subscriptions.
  1. SELECT Canvas and tap Cancel Subscription.
  2. Press confirmation to finalize the cancellation.

Canceling a Canva Subscription soup stall Failure to

If you subscribe to Canva on an iOS device (such as an iPhone or iPad), the only way to cancel your subscription is through the Apple App Store.

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  1. Open it suit application.
  2. Tap you name.
  1. If that option isn’t available, tap it iTunes & App Store. Tap you Apple ID then choose Show Apple ID. Sign in, then tap SUBSCRIPTIONS.
  2. Under subscription, select Canvas and tap Cancel Subscription.

To Cancel or Pause Your Subscription?

If you just want to take a break (and you’re on a monthly plan), instead of canceling your Canva Pro account, you can pause your subscription. Pausing your plan allows you to avoid paying for months when you need some downtime.

But if you’re looking for a more advanced graphic design program to replace Canva, we recommend Adobe Photoshop.


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