Governor Hochul Signs the Digital Fair Repair Act Into Law

Governor Kathy Hochul signed the Digital Fair Repair Act (S4104-A/A7006-B) into law, making New York the first state in the nation to guarantee the right to repair and protect consumers from anti-competitive efforts to limit repair.

“As technology and smart devices become more and more essential to our daily lives, consumers should be able to easily repair the devices they depend on in a timely manner.” Governor Hochul said. “This legislation will give consumers better options to repair their devices, thereby maximizing the life of their devices, saving money and reducing electronic waste.”

The Digital Fair Repair Act (S4104-A/A7006-B) requires original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to make diagnostic and repair information for digital electronic parts and equipment available to independent repair providers and consumers if such parts and repair information are also available to OEM-authorized repair providers and service companies. This legislation would make New York the first state in the country to require such information from OEMs. Too often, repairs to digital items are difficult to accomplish due to limited availability of parts and tools, as well as a lack of manuals and diagrams. By signing this bill, New York is protecting consumers and opening up the digital repair market to competition and all its consumer, entrepreneur and environmental benefits.

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State Senator Neil Breslin said: “This new right-to-repair law, the first of its kind in the United States, will not only give consumers greater choice and affordability if they choose to repair their electronic devices, but will also significantly reduce the amount of electronic waste, while providing more opportunities for small businesses. I want to thank Governor Hochul, along with Assemblyman Fahy, for their steadfast commitment to seeing this important new law come to fruition.”

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Assembly member Patricia Fahy said, “New York is leading the nation again – today America’s first right to repair bill, the Digital Fair Repair Act, was signed into law – putting consumers first, leveling the playing field for independent repair shops and reducing our e-waste in landfills. Under the law electronics manufacturers must provide access to critical information and parts required by independent repair shops to complete repairs on many electronic products, ending what is a growing monopoly in the repair market by big tech while encouraging competition.At the same time, we are also reducing the estimated 655,000 tons of toxic e-waste discarded each year in New York State, with 85% of the waste ending up in a landfill.Thanks to Governor Hochul for signing the legislation, Senator Neil Breslin for sponsoring the bill in the Senate, and all the tireless fair repair advocates who worked for years to get the Digital Fair Repair Act across the finish line. he new law represents a difficulty As a compromise after a vigorous campaign against big tech’s right to repair, I’m proud that consumers and small businesses prevailed in the end. We hope this will spur other states to action, spur efforts to pass a right to repair law nationally, and that all Americans will ultimately enjoy a comprehensive and real ‘right to repair.'”

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