Galadari Brothers’ F&B division nurtures pupils’ entrepreneurial skills – News

Seven students from The King’s School, Al Barsha, take part in a unique exercise to bridge the critical gap between education and industry

Mohammed Galadari, co-chairman of Galadari Brothers Group, along with Ahmed Osman, CEO of the diversified conglomerate's food and beverage division, students from King's School, Al Barsha, Dubai, who participated in an immersive branding exercise, and some employees of the F and B department in Dubai on Thursday.  - Photo by Shihab

Mohammed Galadari, co-chairman of Galadari Brothers Group, along with Ahmed Osman, CEO of the diversified conglomerate’s food and beverage division, students from King’s School, Al Barsha, Dubai, who participated in an immersive branding exercise, and some employees of the F and B department in Dubai on Thursday. – Photo by Shihab

By Joydeep Sen Gupta

Published: Fri 9 Dec 2022, 12:18 AM

Michelle Sewell, who came to the UAE as a teacher about five years ago, saw a critical gap in the market between industry and education, compared to her native England.

Sewell, whose mother is Irish and father Panamanian, quickly moved in to fill the void.

She introduced best industry practices to teach her students at King’s School, Al Barsha, who are keen on vocational training.

“The UAE, which values ​​education, is a perfect launch pad to try this exercise. I am indebted to Galadari Brothers Food and Beverage (F&B) Division for allowing seven of our 16-17-year-old students to experience the brand-awareness exercise. This bridge-building project will come in handy for these students, who are going to be the change makers of tomorrow,” said a bubbly Sewell, whose infectious nervous energy rubs off on her wide-eyed and curious students.

Rashed Abdullah bin Bayt Al Falasi, the lone Emirati in the group of participants, all praised the “immersive experience”.

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He said: “I enjoyed the rigorous exercise as it gave me a rare insight into brand awareness. Branding holds the key in a consumer and social media-driven world.

Al Falasi is clear about his career choices, and felt the exercise would stand him in good stead in his future endeavors. “I want to study finance because I love investing and this project showed me the way forward,” he added.

His colleague, Mohammad-Ilyas Hafesji, who is of Iranian descent and who moved to Dubai from the United Kingdom (UK) at the age of three, echoed Al Falasi. “It’s been an eye opener for me. This project gave me a 360-degree view to undertake assignments to glimpse global business trends.

Walid Dajani, a Jordanian of Palestinian descent who harbors ambitions to become an entrepreneur, said: “This exercise has enriched my perspective about the contemporary business scenario. I am more passionate in my view of how to take an opportunity and seize the moment, which is the cornerstone of all good business decisions.”

Briton Harry Armistead, who has lived on three continents and has been a resident of Dubai for the past three years, echoed Dajani’s point of view amid harboring similar career ambitions.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to have a ringside view of a real work environment, which is a privilege few people are entitled to at a young age,” he said.

Sara Alono, one of the three girls in the seven-member group of participants, also wants to be an entrepreneur.

She mentions Kyochon, Korea’s most beloved fried chicken, a recent acquisition of Galadari Brothers’ F&B division.

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Alonso, who traces her roots to Spain and Mexico, said: “I enjoyed learning about Queochon and will be visiting more outlets than ever before.”

Londoner Georgia White, who has lived in Dubai for the past 12 years, found the exercise refreshing. “It gave me the opportunity to present data and information in a real-time work environment. I also enjoyed trying out new offerings from (Galadri Brothers’ F&B divisions) Baskin Robbins and Kyochon,” said a determined White.

Cameron Froude, from Johannesburg, South Africa and of British descent, has been living in Dubai for the past five years. She has charted her career path and “practice will come in handy”.

Froude, who wants to become a business manager, has encountered a moment of truth through this innovative exercise. “Team building is the key to a successful business venture. This hands-on work experience will help me become a better manager, which requires excellent interpersonal skills,” she said.

Mohammad Galadari, Co-Chairman of Galadari Brothers Group emphasized the importance of the exercise.

“We have always placed youth at the center of our mission, empowering them as change agents and making a positive impact on the world. I am delighted to see seven students from King’s School contribute to our ongoing evolution and reflect on their experiences with our beloved brands Baskin Robbins and Kyochon,” he said.

Ahmed Osman, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Galadari Brothers Group’s F&B Division, hailed the initiative championed by Dominic Keogh-Peters, Group Chief Human Resources Officer of Galadari Brothers Group.

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“Our youth hold the key to shaping the future of the UAE. It is our responsibility to support and empower them to reach their full potential, unleash their talents and create positive change for a brighter tomorrow. We are disruptive to our flagship brands, Baskin Robbins and Qochon. and collaborated with seven students at King’s School, Al Barsha to come up with innovative ideas. We were impressed with their new-age ideas, unique perspectives and strong recommendations to drive growth in both brands. Young people to drive innovation and success in the classroom and beyond. “Collaboration of minds is essential. We want to continue working together to unlock unlimited potential and create a brighter future for all,” he said.

The diversified conglomerate’s F&B division dates back to the founding of the country on December 2, 1971.

Founded in 1962, Galadari Ice Cream Company operates over 1,000 Baskin Robbins outlets in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and Dunkin’ Donuts in Qatar and Oman.

Baskin Robbins is the first international brand to open in the region, the largest Baskin Robbins franchise worldwide and the largest Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) brand in the Maine region. Kyochon, Korea’s favorite fried chicken, and Shabestan, the first Persian concept in the UAE, are also from the group’s jewel in the crown, F&B stable.

The first Kyochon restaurant opened in Dera city center last December.

Kyochon operates from five locations – Dera City Centre, Mall of the Emirates, Burjuman Mall, Motor City and Diafa Street.

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