Fox Sports disrespecting fans with World Cup dishonesty

When would you like to meet for lunch? Got there at 1pm but I didn’t show up for dinner until 2pm.

This is how Fox Sports dishonestly advertises when the World Cup kicks off. It’s disrespectful, though, which isn’t surprising.

In eight years of waiting for America’s Monday game against Wales, Fox’s graphics kept saying “reports start at 1”.

one question? Kick-off time is 2:00.

While others do, it’s especially bad when the event is held in Qatar around the world, with jet lag making fans start times off.

For Tuesday morning’s Argentina game, Fox Sports’ promotional coverage starts at 4am, although the game’s kick-off time is 5am

Who needs an extra hour of sleep? Furthermore, subjecting fans to Alexi Lalas’ punishment before the game is cruel and unusual punishment at any time.

At the height of honesty on Monday morning, with England beating Iran, 68-year-old Ian Darke added that the US game would actually start at 2pm, but that was not the norm. In two days of coverage, we didn’t hear any other Fox Sports announcer do that.

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Of all the problems with the World Cup, this isn’t the most important. Qatar hosted the event with bribes, which led to games being moved from summer to winter, the sale of beer to fans in stadiums was banned and, more recently, players were banned from wearing the rainbow-colored captain’s “OneLove” body armor – discriminatory armbands have been assessed The risk of a yellow card, if they do.

Television cameras are seen inside the Al Thumama Stadium ahead of the Qatar World Cup 2022 in Doha, Qatar, November 14, 2022.  (Photo by Hector Vivas - FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images)
Fox Sports did not disclose to fans when the World Cup will start.
FIFA/Fifa via Getty Images

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Like NBC and the Olympics, Fox doesn’t choose who hosts the Cup, but it decides how to cover it. It is understood they were there to showcase the game. But you need to get there before the fires start, so the issues surrounding these games need to be part of the coverage, because in the end they could be a really big problem.

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First, maybe Fox Sports can tell fans the right time for lunch.

Iger’s Impact on ESPN

Bob Iger’s return to Disney will have an impact on ESPN. That could be a positive for ESPN, since Iger was a Disney supporter when he first took the reins. (How could he not, since the revenue from it allows him to buy a lot of other stuff?) Iger picked Jimmy Pitaro to head ESPN, so he might want to keep a similar path. Iger also has a close relationship with the NBA, which could mean that the Disney/ABC/ESPN relationship with the league could continue to be good when the new TV rights deal is up for renewal in 2025. That said, Iger didn’t make Disney stock go up with his return because he was reluctant to change course. …a very interesting question, “What if?” Had Iger returned a year earlier as the head of Disney, would Iger’s buddy Al Michaels have finally returned to “Monday Night Football”? That would change the whole face of the crazy NFL TV free agency we just witnessed.

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Clicker Book Club

World Cup Reads: Clicker Papa Writes As the world watches the 2022 World Cup, author Clemente A. Lisi’s “The FIFA World Cup, A History of the Biggest Sporting Event on Earth” details key games from year to year, changes that have occurred over the years (such as the introduction of red and yellow cards and more recently the use of video assistant referees or VAR) and some biographies of the game GOAT from 1930 to today. This book is both an entertaining read and a handy reference. Papa Clicker, Herb Marchand, gives it a very strong 4.5 out of 5.


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