Fake Personal Trainer Certificate

Fake Personal Trainer Certificate – The IFSI Certified Personal Trainer course is the best choice if you want to pursue a career in the fitness industry as a personal trainer. The Certified Personal Trainer course prepares our students to practice as a professional full-time, part-time, freelance or online personal trainer in India and abroad. It will also prepare you for professional communication with clients. It is an international certification (AREPS). Holders of this certificate get portability to work in 37 European countries. Very few institutions in India are accredited by European agents and IFSI is one of them

This course includes theoretical and practical lectures to help you build a solid foundation in both exercise science and the fitness industry and covers all broad aspects of a personal trainer job profile, leaving you JOB ready and expanding and broadening your knowledge bank. That helps you deliver the results your customers want

Fake Personal Trainer Certificate

We design this program based on the client’s fitness needs and goals This program guides you as a personal trainer by evaluating and teaching exercise applications that enhance learning and respect safety, injury prevention and performance. It will also cover in detail aspects of management such as the role of digital marketing, sales and business management skills to help you become an entrepreneur and the complete package.

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This certification is accepted across India The IFSI certification comes with barcodes to maintain the authenticity of the certification. This ensures that no one can forge or misuse the certificate

This certification provides our students with all the necessary emergency protocols to follow during emergencies such as cardiac arrest.

IFSI is a member of the Sports, Physical Education, Fitness and Leisure Skills Council Our professional curriculum is aligned with the National Professional Standards set by the Sports, Physical Education, Fitness and Leisure Skills Council (SPEFL-SC).

It is an international certification valid in 37 European countries It offers portability to work in European countries as a certified personal trainer.

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“I’m Debash Rocade and I’ve been considering a career in the fitness industry for the past few months. I searched so many fitness academies and came to know about one famous academy ie. IFSI FITNESS ACADEMY. I completed the Areps certified personal trainer course, which allows me to work in 37 European countries. The information was updated a lot and the teaching style was very simple to understand. All doubts were resolved on the spot. Practical lectures were in depth and all exercise forms and techniques were learned to be done on the gymnasium floor under the guidance of a qualified practical coordinator. I am training 6 clients today and I am very happy to take a course from the IFSI Fitness Academy IFSI has shaped my career and their motto says it all. Thank you very much for IFSI, thank you. Debash Rokade

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“I am Prathik Khatbhakar, I have completed EREPS certified personal trainer course from IFSI Fitness Academy. I am currently working as a freelancer earning 12k to 18k per month part time…!! I recommend IFSI Fitness Academy because they have the best teachers and managers They guide you through sales and marketing skills along with placement assistance If you want to make it in the fitness industry, IFSI Fitness Academy CPT course (Ereps) is the choice This course is best and essential if you want to work in European countries or train international clients. Thank you IFSI🙏” Pratamesh Khatbhakar

“My name is Sankar K, I am from Kanikumari [Tamil Nadu], I have completed a personal trainer course and EREPS from IFSI, I have been training international clients for the past year, EREPS certification has helped me gain international exposure, plus it. helped. In order to find the right direction and be able to successfully build the career I always wanted, I honestly believe that training international clients would be challenging without EREPS, I believe it is definitely beneficial to participate in EREPS. Perfect experience which is required for my career, I would like to express my gratitude to Nikhil and respected team, I will always be grateful to them for providing me a strong platform, I highly recommend IFSI to those who trying to make a career in this field. . The fitness industry. ” K. Sankar

I’m Rachel, I’m 23 years old I’ve attended many fitness seminars but IFSI accredited by EREPS is the best because it’s very informative. They explain every point in depth We can ask any question without hesitation and they will be answered on the spot I work at 24k Fitness Gym and I have 8 personal training clients I have clients from other countries including some celebrities I have certification EREPS has given me an edge. my career has put me ahead of other fitness professionals in the industry. I now have an income of 40,000/- + as a freelancer, training international clients independently. Thank you IFSI team for helping me build my career in the fitness industry

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Certified In Personal Trainer Course

Hello… Me neel shivtarkar virar madhe rahto ..me CFT course basket ahe. Khup Khan Ahe Academy… Raj Sir Prathamesh Sir Khup Khan Shikbhatt… Ifsi Academy Karan Amhala Khup Kahi Shikaila Joins Milal… Fitness Made Life Kahi Karach Asel Tr Tumi joins Kar Shakta Academy.

I am from Mira Street Prathamesh Sir Raj and Raj Sir Dharam Jamdar I am doing certified personal trainer course IFSI class lectures are good Practical exercises are also nice Who wants a great career in fitness industry visit IFSI.

IFSI is the best fitness academy in Goregaon yaha par aap course karoge to aap ko knowledge milega. Regarding the explanation of carte blanche discourse theory Agar kisi co course karna ho to mi recommend IFSI ko karunga

I am from Chembur, I love this academy a lot, I completed the certified personal trainer course (erapes). Special thanks to Siddha Wishan, Pratimesh sir, Niyati mam, Raj sir, this is the best place for those who want to enter the fitness industry! Big thumbs up for this institute

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Big thanks to ifsi and of course my god gave me the right way to choose ifsi…doing fitness trainer course right now…for teaching, management, discipline etc. team be team specially rajesh sir prathamesh. ,n of course nyati ma’…..it was great..no one is as good as ifsi…thank you so much because I am a part of it……🤗😍❤️

If you are a fitness enthusiast!! IFSC IS THE BEST PLACE TO LEARN THE SCIENCE BEHIND EXERCISE AND NUTRITION!! Mr. Nikhil we appreciate your vast knowledge and vast experience in this industry!

Hi! I am Bimal from Kandivali Charkop district, I am 58 years old!! The reason for mentioning the age is to say that I was never sure about doing CFT at that age but the best teaching staff at IFSI proved me wrong and made it very simple and easy for me! One of the most trusted institutions in the fitness industry!! A great learning tool with thorough knowledge! “ Career oriented certification for men or women of all ages!!

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We cannot compare IFSI with other institutions as it would be unfair to comment on the efforts of IFSI and other institutions. All we can say is that IFSI has grown rapidly in most parts of the country as it continuously strives to provide highly trained fitness professionals to the fitness industry. On the other hand, IFSI courses are budget friendly as we understand the financial factors and financial challenges that our students face while undertaking any course.

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Yes, IFSI certificate is valid and accepted in all gyms across India Quality of education meets international standards Our students are placed on online gyms across India

Yes, the Institute for Integrated Fitness and Sports is a training arm of SPEFL-SC (Sports, Physical Education, Fitness and Leisure Council) established by the Ministry for Skills Development and Enterprise (MSDE) and aligned to the National Skills Qualifications Framework ( NSQF). ) level 4 set by the National Skill Development Agency (NSDA) for SPEFL The board is supported by the National Skill Development Corporation and the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI).

Yes, our fitness academy is accredited by the “European Register of Exercise Professionals” (EREPS), an international process for registering personal trainers and instructors working in the European fitness, physical activity and health sectors, giving the assurance and confidence of EREPS. requires. Accredited personal trainers and fitness professionals are qualified to carry out their work, which is in line with European standards. Operating in 28 countries, it offers countless fitness professionals great career opportunities, confidence, lifelong learning and licenses to practice in Europe.

Yes, the IFSI fee can be paid in 3, 6 or 9 installments depending on the type and duration of the course chosen. welcome

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