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Nigerian youths have been urged to take advantage of technology as it has the potential to reduce the rate of unemployment in the country.

Auditing expert and CEO of Taju Odu & Co firm, Mr. Tajudeen Odu gave the advice at the unveiling of the TAC which is a training institute commissioned by the Nigerian Minister of Finance, Budget and Planning in Abuja.

Mr. Audu also advocated the need to develop digital and other entrepreneurial skills to overcome youth unemployment in Nigeria.

According to him, “Leveraging technology will empower the youth in Nigeria and drastically reduce the unemployment rate.”

Mr. Odu said, “This can be achieved through capacity building in entrepreneurship, job creation and professional skill development which the institution offers.”

For us at TAC House we do both academic and non-academic.

So, we are also allowed to train people in some of these, then we complement them with entrepreneurship skills to run the business. That means apart from the courses we run in Finance Entrepreneurship Management, we are also in Communication Skills, Oil and Gas Accounting etc. We are also focusing on developing skills. he explained.

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The CEO also said that “The organization is building a sustainable fintech hub focused on tackling unemployment and bridging the financial gap through innovative solutions.”

We are also encouraging people, especially the youth, to go into fintech. There are many opportunities. And we have a space designated to serve as an incubator hub to bring new ideas and developments in fintech and is financially friendly so that people can afford it.” Mr. Audu assured

He said the TAC organization will help individuals with the right tools, skills and resources to create businesses and become more employable and productive.

“We also give people an opportunity to train in some training and then we complement them with entrepreneurship skills to run a business. So the whole thing is to contribute our little quota to create employable people. It serves as a platform to train people to be better. So basically it’s a vision and that’s why we’re here today,” He further said.

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Mr Odu encouraged young Nigerians to go into skills development instead of white-collar jobs.

He said; “I will encourage the youth, especially now that it is very difficult to get full employment. Youth should take the path of self-development by acquiring skills instead of looking for government jobs. I also encourage the youth to strive for honesty and merit.”

Commending the firm, the Executive Secretary of Nigeria Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, NEITI, Dr. Ogbonnaya Orji urged Nigerian companies to adopt the principles of integrity and competence in managing and delivering businesses and projects.

Orji also commended the company for demonstrating a high level of competence and integrity in handling the four audit cycles (2013, 2014, 2020 and 2021) of the Nigerian oil and gas industry, which aided NEITI’s mandate to ensure transparency in oil. gas field.

He said: “We needed to come up with friendly spaces for local companies to come on board. At every stage, this company came out strong and emerged the best.

Dr. According to Origi, some of our international partners did not believe that this work could be done locally. “They are currently handling our projects, we re-engaged them as they performed well due to their competence and integrity.

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I want indigenous forms to sum up the courage to learn to deliver projects with integrity and competence. Once you are entrusted with money, use it wisely for the purpose for which it is given to you. Orji emphasized.

The Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria, FCT, Mr Mohammed Bello also applauded the firm’s effort to add economic value to the nation’s capital.

Bello called on estate and business owners to install functional CCTV cameras and security facilities to curb insecurity in the country.

He was represented at the event by Mr. Luqman Dabari.

FCT Minister of State Dr Ramatu Aliyu said “The training institute will accelerate job creation, unlock potential, serve as a pathway to find assets in the financial sector and solve critical challenges in the financial sector.”

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