Edutapxr, a startup that uses Augmented and Virtual Reality to create a unique experience in education and art


  • byStartupStory | November 1, 2022

“We think about companies that can create products that make people’s lives easier,” said Abhijit Sarkar, founder and CEO of Edutapxr, in an exclusive interview with Startup Story, while stating the motto behind the company.

The year 2020 took its toll on every industry and individual. People started working from home for the first time, and it was during this time that Abhijit and his colleagues came up with the innovative idea of ​​Edutapxr. That’s when four people – Abhijit Sarkar, Amit Kumar Singh, Ashwal CS, and Pampi Paul Sarkar, came together and imagined a complete product-based company that focuses mainly on immersive and future technologies, such as – blockchain, metaverse, and sustainable provision. products to the market.

Education combined with XR, which is augmented reality, is how the brand name comes from, the core department for virtual and augmented reality. Edutapxr concentrates on AR, i.e., Augmented Reality, VR, i.e., Virtual Reality, and MR, i.e., Mixed Reality. Its two main product branches – the education sector and D2C (direct to customer) in the arts and crafts sector.

Industry and market dynamics – an overview

The Indian market has grown rapidly in the past decade. The startup ecosystem in our country is one of the most profitable in the world. Many young entrepreneurs are emerging into the market with innovative and brilliant ideas.

Today, everyone is familiar with virtual reality, more or less. But despite all the use of science and technology, only the external surface of the virtual realm or augmented reality has been scratched. Edutapxr aims to delve deeper into nature and provide its customers with sustainable products. The goal is to create products to facilitate exercise, such as cars. Abhijit gave a personal anecdote while discussing their intention, “I was traveling from Delhi to Kolkata, and I noticed that training for firefighters was going on at the airport. I asked myself why we don’t turn it into a product, a template that we can fit in any scenario , like – firefighting, critical illness, emergency landing, etc. We want training to be a sustainable and cost-effective product.

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They have launched their products into the education sector, under their own company title. It has also started implementing its innovative solutions in the healthcare sector, which requires the extensive use of AR and VR to improve sales, training, and medical requirements in the industry. With Edutapxr, the retail sector has the opportunity to integrate its AI with AR or VR technology. There are many opportunities in the real estate industry as well. With this technology, you can enjoy your dream home tour almost. It is useful to design the interior of your new home, in terms of testing wall paint, decoration, etc. before you actually buy it, ultimately making the customer feel better.

Factors affecting the industry

The market is going through a major shift towards the internet. As more things are available online, people are looking for newer ways and options for their shopping experience. Edutapxr aims to solve problems in customer experience. One of the biggest problems is product visualization. Customers cannot draw their purchases. For example – if someone buys a product through Amazon or Flipkart, they can only try it after it arrives. If they don’t like what they get, they exchange it. This entire buying and selling process is a tedious and time-consuming experience for both parties – the seller and the buyer. The central agenda of the company is to solve this problem as much as possible.

With companies old and new coming up with new and unique products and consumers constantly evolving, customer experience has become a major concern. People, today, don’t like to wait or compromise on their customer experience. This shift in mentality has proven to be the most important driving factor for the industry.

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Artistokart- mobile app by Edutapxr

Artistokart is an example of how small experiences in life can influence your inner innovative mind. The idea of ​​an art-selling platform came back when Mrs. Pampi Paul Sarkar, Managing Director and co-founder of Edutapxr, One of her visits to the clinic during her pregnancy, she heard her doctor arguing over paintings she wanted to buy but could not. to find or buy it. The idea of ​​a cohesive platform for artists and buyers came to her mind which she then conveyed to her husband, Abhijit. Together they turned their abstract dreams into reality. This is a great lesson for aspiring entrepreneurs looking for motivation and ideas everywhere. No matter where you are, look around you, the little things you notice can ignite your creativity.

Artistokart is a global platform for artists around the world to showcase and sell their art. In other words, it’s a virtual art gallery. Physical art galleries are usually visited by art connoisseurs, which limits the artist’s clientele. Artistokart helps to break both intellectual and physical boundaries of art. Interested buyers can now buy art sitting in any corner of the world. Not only buy a physical artwork, but also receive a digital copy via NFT which guarantees its authenticity. This initiative facilitates cultural exchange and sharing of different artistic perspectives.

In terms of trade, Artistokart will bring many new businesses in the country from all over the world, with just a few clicks on your mobile phone, no matter where you are on the map.

How does it solve customer experience challenges?

One of the main challenges that can be observed is in the education sector. Although many institutions now come up with screens, and presentations, most educational institutions have not progressed beyond the blackboard on the wall, which leads to a lack of imagination and monotony. The solution to this problem is AR, as it helps students to visualize what is being taught in class.

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Second, when a consumer wants to buy a product, he wants to imagine it before buying it. With AR, consumers get the opportunity to actually experience things before making a final purchase. Efforts have been made by online shopping sites to solve this problem, but art sales sites are still lagging behind. With Artistokart technology, buyers can experience the artwork they want on their walls through AR implementation. “With this what we are trying to achieve is a suitable space for the seller and the buyer, where the seller does not have to physically hand over the painting; and the customer does not have to make time and go to the art gallery, they can buy the artwork from where they , whenever they want. This also ensures that the painting or artwork is not duplicated. It makes it easier to create a bigger audience for the artists,” said Ashwal CS, CTO and founder of Edutapxr. This is the factor that differentiates Artistokart from other art selling websites the other.

As they grow globally, they intend to have a multilingual approach on their platform to overcome language barriers and improve user experience. Therefore, they will hire more developers, Indian as well as from abroad in the future to help them improve their platform. Customer support is another matter.

Although currently in its initial stages, Artistokart will be launched on digital stores like Google Playstore and Apple App Store soon.

For entrepreneurs, Abhijit asked what he believes in – “The three keywords I want entrepreneurs to know are – Trust, Transparency, and Team. If there is trust and transparency between team members, you can achieve your goals. Believe in yourself and, with trust and transparency build your team.

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