Before A World Cup, Ida Sports Rivals Nike And Others To Give Women Suitable Soccer Boots

Ida Sports, a company founded by Laura Youngson to provide the best women’s soccer shoes on the market, knows its stuff. It is also a good thing, because not every famous brand can provide women with good and comfortable shoes, whether they are professionals or girls who are entering their first game.

Approaching the Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand—another significant season for women’s soccer—some stars will not have good products. Equally notable is the lack of suitable cleats available for the mainstream audience, with the brand still offering a poor unisex option in a year when the interest in playing can grow. more.

Speaking of peaks, Youngson’s vision for better footwear took off atop Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, in 2017, when he was playing football at the highest level on Earth and the Equal Playing Field. Six years later, Ida had support from Elysian Park Ventures – which was supported by Todd Boehly and the rights behind the Los Angeles Dodgers and Premier League club Chelsea – as well as Stadia Ventures and Billy Jean King Enterprises.

His next goal is to spread the name even further, becoming the preferred option in the selection pool that includes big brands like Nike, Adidas, and Puma.

“It’s kind of fun to challenge because you know you’re the starter,” Youngson said via the broadcast link. “But, at the same time, we know that we are probably the most knowledgeable team about women’s soccer on the planet. So, you can start winning technically, even if they have a lot of business dollars.”

Speaking about the current situation, he says, “I think we’re seeing that, if you’re at the top, you’ll get custom shoes, like Sam Kerrs of This world. But if you are anywhere below, you will have to buy products from the shelf, or you will buy products that are not really made for women.

“We know that the big brands are looking at it, thinking about what they have to give up for the World Cup, if they have to give something up. All the efforts so far have been half-hearted, but maybe they won’t apply all the technology or research necessary to create and build these products for women.”

In its stand, Puma said, “We will offer unisex and women’s fits in all our franchises (Future, Ultra and King). By removing the neck from the top and creating a low instep, we created it leather feet to fit the shape of a woman’s foot. Puma’s first football boots in a women’s fit model launched in 2021.”

A statement from Adidas reads, “Our female athletes are telling us they want the same incredible performance as the current men’s shoe range, so we’re now focusing on is to create soccer shoes for the needs of all players who test many athletes who are athletes. Find out across men and women, at all levels.

“The history of innovation in football boots means we don’t stand still, we will continue to try new ideas across our players.”

Nike may have a new initiative in the pipeline but hasn’t said where it sits and what solutions it might offer. Nevertheless, the global exposure of these brands means that they are also in a good position to communicate with players and reach more customers worldwide.

To make itself heard, Ida Sports began to enter grassroots football. But as he continues to be involved in all levels of the game, he is also looking for a link higher in the pyramid and has some players who are trying his mark in the Women’s Super League in England.

However, there are some obstacles. Youngson continued, “For elite players, it’s the agents who want the biggest but it’s not the best thing for the players.” “Not all workers. But some are trying to cash in on women’s sports without really understanding the game.

“Right now, I think we’re seeing the women’s game as the Wild West. So, there are all these sponsorship deals, things are changing so quickly. Obviously, as a startup, you can’t compete and that.

“But you can compete if you have players who have had shoe problems in the past, but they want to work with you because they know you care about those who do game and you care about women.”

Ida Sports, whose products are available in Australia, UK, and US, has launched a few designs, such as Centra, Classica, Rise, and Spirit. Always listening to feedback, he is still developing his style and is eager to enter Europe, where interest in football in countries such as Spain is high. Since the sports teams in those countries are professional or are professional, the question about their work comes.

Regarding the standard of play, which is already high in some European countries, the US, Canada, Australia and Brazil, Youngson thinks that better conditions can promote more players.

“I compared it to British racing, with 1% gained in many places added. I think the shoes are like that. If you don’t have to worry about your shoes and feel more comfortable, you will be less likely to get tired and reduce the risk of injury by wearing something that fits you better.

“We see such amazing games, but the players complain about the weight and having a lot of fear. And you see these injuries that keep people out for a long time. You think , ‘Can we look at that and imagine what would happen if you removed the shoes as one of the barriers?’

Still, perhaps the main focus is to provide something that represents everyone, regardless of standard.

“Part of our mission is to change the industry, so when girls and women walk into a sports store, they can see themselves,” concluded Youngson.

With new heroes set to take place this July and August, and an unprecedented 32 teams from the Philippines to Zambia taking part, now is the best time to experience it.


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