‘A Man Called Otto’ With Tom Hanks Banks $4.2M – Specialty Box Office – Deadline

Sony’s Tom Hanks starrer A man named Otto banked $4.2 million in a brisk second frame as it moved to 637 locations nationwide from four in NY and LA. Strong word of mouth drove moviegoers into particularly strong heartland seats, and momentum looks good as the coming-of-age drama/comedy heads into next week’s wide holiday weekend expansion. It’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day next Monday.

Otto grossed $1.5M Friday, $1.7M Saturday and a projected $1M Sunday for a strong average of $6.6k per screen and a cue of $4.28 million. Audience reaction drove the jump – the film has an audience score of 97% on Rotten Tomatoes, against 68% from critics. It’s no. 4 at the home checkout.

The remake of the Swedish film based on a New York Times bestseller kicked off the first phase of a three-stage rollout last weekend in an exclusive run of four LA and NY theaters, grossing $60k for a $15k per theater average. day New Year’s weekend and $75,000, or an $18.7k PSA, over the four days. It goes wide next weekend, January 13.

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Top earning DMAs include Austin, San Antonio, Detroit, Tampa, Salt Lake, Minneapolis and Pittsburgh. Chicago, Dallas, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Seattle, Tacoma, Denver, Orlando, Sacramento and San Diego are other markets that are overindexed.

Hanks plays Otto Anderson, a grumpy man who no longer sees the purpose of his life after the loss of his wife. He’s ready to end it all, but reverses it when a lively young family moves in next door.

It’s good news in this market when an adult film plays well. Sony’s Where the Crawdads Sing, also based on a bestseller, released last summer, grossed $90 million and performed best overseas. It had another lane that opened wide immediately.

(Otto also earned $4 million this weekend from 2,875+ screens in 10 early markets for an international cume of $8.4 million.)

This is a short weekend about new special releases. Mubi opened Alcarràs, winner of the Golden Bear in Berlin, on five screens in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. Quiver Distribution presented Candy Land in nine cinemas. Gross has not yet been reported.

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In terms of holdovers, however, there are many: The whale grossed an estimated $1.5 million on 835 screens for the week for a total of $8.58 million, upping its holiday box office total and holding the strongest holdover in the top 10. Best limited opening of 2022 starring Brendan Fraser was No. 7 in the domestic box office.

United Artists Release extended Women speak to 14 markets/29 runs in week three for a strong $143,000 three-day gross – up 214% – an average per screen at $4.8k and a cue at $340k.

Sony Pictures Classics doc Turn each side grossed 17,425 on four screens (up from two last week) for a per-view average of screen of $4.4k and a cue of $39.7k. SPCs Livein week three, grossed $42.6k on 11 screens (up from three last week), for a PSA of $3.9k and a cue of $120.4k.

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Broker, from Neon, grossed $75K this weekend on 17 screens in week three for a PSA of $4.4K and a cue of $149.2K. The distributor’s doc All the Beauty and the Bloodshedon 24 screens in week 7, has collected $325.8k.

IFC Films expanded Corsage to 317 theaters in week three and grossed an estimated $250k (PSA of $789). The estimated cume now stands at $340,789, making this the highest-grossing Austrian film in the US since 2014’s Goodnight Mom.

From Sideshow and Janus Films, No bears grossed an estimated $7.4k on a single screen in its third weekend, for a new $38.5k cume. EO took in an estimated $65k on 62 screens in its eighth weekend, for a PSA of $1k and a new cume of $553.9k.


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